Understanding Google Trends Niches

16 April – 2022

Understanding Google Trends Niches

by Lucinda Batchelor 

01-APR-DIVERSITY-SOCIAL-ASSET-1080x1080px-Google_trendsGoogle Trends is a search tool that allows you to see the search terms people are typing into Google, and it shows whether a trend is increasing or decreasing in popularity. Google Trends can also help you to gain insight into the demographics of the people searching for the related topic – helping you better understand what an audience is looking for.  

Let’s look into how you can find business-appropriate niches to capitalise on. 

How to spot a worthwhile Google Trends niche 

Start by changing the search history to collect data from 2004 to present – this will give you a much better idea of whether it’s something worth looking into or whether it’s something that’s already over and done with.  

Google fad or trend? 

Here’s an example of a niche that’s recently catapulted on Google Trends: Wordle 

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 09.51.40

This graph shows that in December 2021 interest was <1, 27 in January, 100 in February and dipped slightly to 96 in March. What’s important about graphs as drastic as this, is that it’s likely to be considered a fad, like fidget spinners – remember those?  
By looking at previous fads/trends with similar metrics, such as fidget spinners, it helps us to gauge whether something is worth investing marketing energy into. In this case, it might be worth continuing to watch this trend for a while to see if interest rapidly declines or levels off.  

That said, big brands such as LEGO and Hilton have already leveraged the popularity of Wordle by tying the familiar game grid in with their brand.  

Stable Google Trends 

Here’s an example of a more stable graph for the search term house pet. Although there are peaks and troughs (which are normal, anyway), the graph shows that house pets is a niche worth investing in – if it relates to your business, of course. 

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 09.51.49For businesses that run kennels and catteries, with this search term on the rise, it might be a good time to capitalise on the search term by promoting services or writing content that will  drive traffic to your website.  

Stable and rising Google Trends 

Here’s an example for the search term: customer experience. Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 09.51.56

As you can see, interest has been rising steadily for years and it is currently at its peak, which means this topic is worth investing time in, but before we run with this search term it’s always important to look at its related queries too. 

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 09.52.02 Related queries of stable and rising Google Trends 
By looking at the related queries for customer experience, we can see a bit more of the intent behind the search term. From this snippet, we can gather that businesses are looking to improve their customer journey or learn more about it.  

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